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How NOX-BRIDGE Watches are taking on the fashion watch industry

NOX-BRIDGE, a luxury New Zealand watch brand has just launched their first collection of watches that is set to take on the fashion watch industry. Noticing an influx of low-quality watch offerings and a lack of horological features in the market, they have spent the last few years perfecting their designs and processes to create the recently released NOX collection.

The aim was to create a timepiece that could be enjoyed by both fashion lovers and watch experts. Three years (and a lot of hard work) later, this is what they have achieved with a watch that boasts unseen features, comparable to high-end watches.

Their signature ‘NOX-Arm’ is a first in the watch industry and combines a sophisticated aesthetic with a 2 jewel semi-automatic, complete calendar Japan movement. The watch is made of robust 316L stainless steel that is intricately engraved on the crown and ring.

The team has also come up with one of the most practical leather straps in the market. A water-resistant strap that does not soak up water or smell by sweat. With animal welfare being a core value of NOX-BRIDGE, they decided to put the extra effort into modifying traditional technology to make vegan straps.

Other features of the watch include a 50-metre water resistant watch case, quick-release pins for strap interchangeability, and a curved dial and hands. NOX-BRDIGE is reshaping the traditional fashion watch industry by blending beautifully designed timepieces with a focus on quality features and craftsmanship.


NOX-BRIDGE has now launched their new collection on Kickstarter and pre-orders can be made at or





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