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Casio G-Shocks

Casio G Shock watches were born at a time when watches were fragile accessories. The company wanted to create a watch that does not break, a watch that stands the test of time. Its G shocks as well as Baby G Shock meet the Casio concept of “Triple 10” where the watches are 10 meter drop shock resistant, 10 bar (or 100 m) water resistant, and 10-year battery life. Truly incredible quality and featured that were never thought possible especially in the 1980s.

Casio G Shock sale is rarely on as the watches are highly in demand and millions of followers collect every model that comes out. Casio developed many technologies throughout time and developed timepieces that led the market year upon year.

These watches display precise and accurate time and was the first watch with digital automatic calendar function making it a truly important gadget for survival. These watches throughout time have become more than a timepiece but information devices for the wrist.

These watches launched in 1983 and shattered the view that watches are fragile pieces of jewelry. The sale for the G Shock was incredible and Casio kept developing the watch by releasing new models every year and have become its flagship product. Currently, it is working on solar-powered and radio-controlled G-shock watches that are built with the concept of life long batteries. There is basically no stopping Casio from being the top brand they are in our current times.