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Diesel Watches

Diesel is an international brand that initially sold clothes when launched in 1978. The brand only began to get massive following in the 1990s. Its watches focused on youthful image and is popular for its style and quality. Its watches are incredible timepieces and have a lot of history behind them. Diesel watches are large, bold, robust and never shy. Diesel is a brand that create trends and does not follow them. It come up with in-house watch designs on a regular basis to create the next big thing. With the Diesel Big Daddy watch line, they have officially created the biggest watch model available in the market now. Its Big Daddy watches come in different models and versions including both bracelets and leather straps. Diesel watches for men are the most popular and are in great demand. Some of its men watches models include Big Daddy, Mega Chief, Ironside, Uber, along with many more. Diesel women’s watches are a bit more exclusive but when it comes to watches, It focuses on catering to the big men customers. Usually men with large wrists that need a watch that makes a statement on their large frame. It will go down as the brand with the biggest watch ever made, The Diesel Grand Daddy DZ7262, a limited edition watch that has sold out.

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