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Watch Trade-in

Do you have a used watch you no longer want? Would you like to trade-in the watch towards the purchase of a new watch? If the answer is yes, then we may be able to work out a deal with you! While our primary business is the sale of 100% brand new watches, offered via our website, we do have customers asking for quality used watches as well. Hence, we do selectively entertain accepting in-trade your used watch(es).

To explore if your watch is of interest to us, please email us on Please provide us with a general description of the watch you are offering for our consideration. Once we receive this information we will respond within 2-3 business days if the watch you are offering is of interest to us or not. Should the watch be of interest to us, we will then follow up with a more detailed questionnaire and with a request for images to help us ascertain the condition of the watch. Based on the information and images provided in response to our detailed questionnaire, we will either make a tentative offer on your watch or pass on the deal.